Anne Claire BroughtonWelcome to the new website for Broughton Consulting, LLC! We’re excited to be working with businesses to build thriving workplace cultures of engagement, accountability and results. The past year and a half since Broughton Consulting was launched have been filled with exciting projects and partnerships, including researching and writing the Business Action Guide Series with The Hitachi Foundation, and working with companies to increase their transparency and engagement and to plan for business succession through employee ownership. We’re also currently working with The Hitachi Foundation on a Workforce Curriculum to help startups think about operational excellence and how to incorporate great workforce practices from the beginning.

Our new website features recent projects and reports, as well as resources to learn more about employee engagement and employee ownership. We’ll be blogging regularly on topics related to employee engagement, employee ownership, open book management, and all the building blocks to creating a strong and engaged company culture. Please drop us a line at anneclaire @ broughton-consulting.com to start a conversation about how we can help you move your company to the next level through true alignment of your business and your people.