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Imagine a workplace where everyone is excited to come to work. Employees at every level are fully engaged and eager to solve business challenges, manage the most important metrics, and share in the success of the business.

A Powerful Advantage

What would this be worth to your business?

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report, companies with an engaged workforce have “significantly higher productivity, profitability, and customer ratings, less turnover and absenteeism, and fewer safety incidents” than those with lower employee engagement. The converse is also true – active disengagement costs the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion annually in lost productivity.

What We Offer
Higher Productivity0%
Less Turnover and Absenteeism0%
Fewer Safety Incidents0%

Latest News

Broughton Consulting Achieves B Corp Re-Certification

Broughton Consulting is pleased to announce our B Corp recertification! This was a very rigorous process to ensure we continue to meet high standards for social and environmental performance as benchmarked by high performing companies in the US and worldwide. B Corps are leaders when it comes to creating inclusive and equitable opportunities within their communities and they are committed to ensuring that their actions benefit all stakeholders – customers, employees, investors, communities, and the environment.

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