About This Project

Anne-Claire Broughton serves as a contract coach with The Great Game of Business, the originators and thought leaders around open book management. Open book management is a business operating system that teaches employees at every level to think, feel, and act like owners.

Select GGOB clients include SuperSuds, a company that operates 24 laundromats in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania; ShopBot, a leading manufacturer of CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) routers located in Durham, NC; Graphic Visual Solutions, based in Greensboro, NC, offers clients solutions including printing, labels and packaging, digital printing, wide-format graphics, direct mail, fulfillment and design; Black Sheep Agency, a cause-driven marketing, brand strategy and design agency based in Houston Texas; HLB Lighting, an internationally recognized design firm focused on architectural lighting for all interior and exterior environments.




Black Sheep Agency at their GGOB all-team launch. They bring 100% to whatever they do and have been a great client to work with!